Testimonials for Spiritual Medium Iain Mason

“I worked on a construction project with Iain Mason when he was a Quantity Surveyor just over 12 months ago. During one of our monthly meetings Iain started to tell me things about my family and friends that I had never discussed with him before.

I was not a great believer in the spiritual side of life, but a lot of what Iain told me rang true.

One of the things Iain spoke about was the passing of a good friend and relative, but I dismissed this when Iain apparently got the age of my friend wrong at his time of death. I spoke with my wife about what had happened that day and she pointed out that they had put the wrong date of birth on my friend’s death certificate, and the age Iain gave me matched the age on the death certificate.

I rang Iain that night to explain what I’d found out and he completely took it in his stride, he explained that it’s not him, it’s just the feelings he gets.

If anyone has an interest in the spiritual world then they wouldn’t go far wrong if they meet Iain Mason, he’s a very interesting bloke and a genuinely nice guy.”

Jason Winter – Director at Winworth Construction Ltd – July 4, 2017

“I had a reading with Iain and I was sceptical in the first instance as I have had readings previously and they have not been anywhere near to the truth.

Iain straight away described my Nana down to a T and he also drew the layout of my bedroom and also said I had a cupboard door by the patio windows that does not shut properly. He was absolutely right. This immediately had me trust Iain.

Not only is Iain a warm, friendly and funny guy, he genuinely cares for his clients.

He has totally restored my faith in readings and I was glad to hear that my relatives who have passed away were trying to talk to me through Iain, and there is something very reassuring in that as I know that my grandparents are still with me in a spiritual sense.

Iain Mason has restored my faith in readings and I can’t recommend him highly enough.”

Zoe Whittaker – Director at Zoë Whittaker Ltd – April 20, 2016

“Iain Mason is an unusual person in as much he is very spiritual, doesn’t just say what others should do, but lives it himself.

His mediumship is detailed and full of evidence.

He bought through a favourite Aunt of mine who had never come through any other medium in 30 years, and was able to give such a lot of information about her life and experiences, which was very moving.

Iain works in an ethical and heart-centred way, and working in the same business myself I can honestly say that he has a lot to offer as both a medium, healer and life coach.”

Ann Sinclair – UK & International Clairvoyant, Spiritual Life Coach & Energy Worker – April 6, 2016 (worked with Iain in different groups)

“Like many of you I’ve had so many readings from readers on mainly psychic sofa who have proved to be money down the drain, even though at the time I thought some were good and validated.

Yet I have not long ago come off the phone from a reading I had with this new psychic reader called Iain Mason. I believe he is just new today. All I can say is he picked up on things even before I said anything. Iain has been the only one to see the first initial of the man I’m in a significant relationship with. He was very accurate in what he said about my situation and remained consistent in his reading and what he said to me. He did give me some key predictions that I’m waiting upon. I really felt this man was exceptionally good. I notice that he has been busy all morning on non-stop calls, which is why I felt drawn to him.”

SusieLowe202 – Following a reading with Iain on Psychic Sofa

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